Rising Air Pollution and Its Effects on Kids

Air pollution has been a much talked about issue in the past few years,even as the quality of air in Delhi continues to plummet..the condition was more daunting in 2017 when the AQ index reached 999 micro-grams per cubic meter, the highest in the history of the capital, and as of today, the pollution levels there are beyond the safe limits. Out of the 10 worst polluted cities in the world, seven are in India and Delhi is one of them.


Taking a dip in the swimming pool in summer is both,a matter of enjoyment as well as a source of respite from the heat.swimming as a recreational activity can be fun but there are some dos and donts to keep it safe too. Swimming pools are usually treated with chlorine to reduce the chances of infection. This chlorine has a tendency to wash away the protective film of tears from our eyes,resulting in irritation,redness and watering of eyes. Additionally,chlorine by itself may be a source of irritation to the eyes.

Sites to Keep Your Baby Safe

Campaign safe childhood- A flagship campaign of life and pursuit’s foundation, campaign safe childhood is committed towards providing safer and toxin-free world to children. It aims to educate parents about hazardous and toxic chemicals in personal care, food products and toys so that they can make well informed choices. It also aims to petition governments for ineffective and archaic laws to be modified, and stricter regulations be established. This campaign also aims to create awareness so that gullible parents can look beyond false or misleading claims of companies to sell…