High blood pressure is the most prevalent chronic or lifestyle disease in India which is increasing rapidly among the urban and rural population..Quantification of the absolute burden and awareness about hypertension in India is critical as it is the leading modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Overall prevalence of HTN in India is approximately 30%. One third of urban adult Indians and close to one fourth of rural adult Indians are hypertensive. Among the general public , only one in fourth in the rural population are even aware that they have hypertension

High Intensity Exercise

Exercise is known to benefit people with diabetes. Researchers are now studying the effect of high intensity exercise, which involves short bursts of high intensity workouts. A recent study presented to the American Diabetes Association showed that short sessions of exercise may provide more health benefits for people with type-2 diabetes than longer bouts of less intense activity. The research included 76 adults recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Their average age was 67. They were randomly assigned to do either one 30-minute exercise session five days a week at 65%…