If we can knowingly harm our body,we can very well learn to heal it too..at least that’s what our forefathers did. And they didn’t have to look too far. There is a reason why a nettle leaf plant will always grow near spinach.the former stings and the latter heals. The cures have always been in nature, one is just recognizing them once again. Herbalism-the are of making your own herbal medicines,salves,tinctures,teas,powders,pastes,poultices-is making a comeback the world over.

Heal With Food

You all might remember about the PCOS and diabetes care through nutrition, you may remember that both these diseases had in common excess fat. Figure out the way to deal with the excess fat, and you’ve figured out a way to deal with both diseases and, in many cases, eliminate impending diabetes entirely. For those who don’t have these health conditions, you’d be nipping this diabetes in the bud, should you decide to surface. In order to stave off disease and lose fat, say no to; JUNK FOOD- Not just…