Intermittent fasting needs no introduction. And if you are goggling this right now,then you,have been living under a rock. There has been constant chatter about fasting and its numerous health benefits,with its biggest side effect,weight loss,getting the maximum spotlight. The problem though sometimes,with so much information is that you don’t know where to begin.

7 Secrets of Yogic Nutrition

  Ever wondered what is so special about the way yogis eat? Here’s revealing some of the top secrets of yogis that can help attain a balance between the mind, body and soul. An alkaline start- There is a build-up of toxins and acids in our bodies overnight; hence a ritual of lemon water on an empty stomach is very dear to yoga. It is extremely alkaline, detoxifies and wakes up all the organs much better than coffee does. Sattvic eating- In ancient texts, there is no mention of cabs,…