When it comes to food,one of the most important aspects that you must be conscious of is how quickly a certain type of food digests and become a part of yourself..if you eat something and it does not get digested within 3 hours, it means you have eaten food that should either be avoided or reduced in quantity.if the food moves out of your stomach within 3 hours, it means that even if it is not the best, it is still something your system is able to handle.

A Perfect Diet, We Eat To Lose Weight?

Good news for all those trying to lose extra kilos, you needn’t starve to get thin. For what it’s worth, those extra inches around your belly may not always be fat. Forget crash/fad diets, you can beat the bulge by eating. Beat the bloat- The first step to lose weight is to figure out the reason for it. Most of the people suffer from gastric problems like constipation and indigestion and many a time bloating is result of that. One of the most common reasons for bloating is eating breakfast…