Intermittent fasting needs no introduction. And if you are goggling this right now,then you,have been living under a rock. There has been constant chatter about fasting and its numerous health benefits,with its biggest side effect,weight loss,getting the maximum spotlight. The problem though sometimes,with so much information is that you don’t know where to begin.

The Components of a Healthy Meal

You want, it will you may think it doesn’t matter what you eat? Well, it does. If you eat anything show on your body. If you eat the right foods, you will start losing weight until you fit into those jeans you’ve been hiding in your closet. Take the example of the Eskimos. They consume a lot of high-fat foods, including whale bladder, seal fat, cold water fish and organic meats. Yet, they don’t suffer from heat ailments or any other diseases, and are certainly not obese. Have you thought…