Rising Air Pollution and Its Effects on Kids

Air pollution has been a much talked about issue in the past few years,even as the quality of air in Delhi continues to plummet..the condition was more daunting in 2017 when the AQ index reached 999 micro-grams per cubic meter, the highest in the history of the capital, and as of today, the pollution levels there are beyond the safe limits. Out of the 10 worst polluted cities in the world, seven are in India and Delhi is one of them.

Right Diet For Your Kid

Child not eating enough is perhaps the most common complaints of the parents seeking medical advice. After a year of rapid growth,toddlers gain weight slowly and so,of course, they need less food. Children between one to five years of age undergo the phases of poor appetite. Poor appetite at times , may be a symptom of certain underlying disease in a child. Regular health check ups and a growth chart go a long way to decide, if the poor appetite is actually a symptom of an underlying disease or just a normal phenomenon…