e-RaktKosh: Blood Bank Management System

eRaktKosh was Inaugurated on 7th April 2016 by Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Sh. J P Nadda, as an online platform for management of Blood banks. e-Rakt Kosh enforces Drug & Cosmetic Act, National blood policy standards and guidelines ensuring proper collection & donation, effective management and monitoring the quality and quantity of the donated blood. Considering the national roll out, e-Rakt Kosh has been developed with modular and scalable approach with configurable rule based architecture allowing customization to easily incorporate specific requirements from nationwide stakeholders.

e-Rakt Kosh has six major components for management of the blood donation life cycle:

  • The bio metric Donor Management System for identifying, tracking and blocking donors based on donor’s health, donation history etc.
  • It provides features such as blood grouping, TTI screening, antibody screening, component preparation etc. as per the defined processes and rules.
  • A centralized Blood Inventory Management System for keeping track of the blood stock across numerous blood banks.
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management System for disposal of discarded blood and other waste generated during this process.
  • Generation of rare blood group donor registries and the generation of regular repeat donors
  • Alert and Notification System

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