Contrary to popular belief,spices dont necessarily give you heartburn or an upset tummy.There are several spices that are particularly anti-inflammatory. We have probably heard about the benefits of turmeric.This is due to the curcumin-which is very potent as an antioxidant-and can dramatically reduce inflammtion.Ginger has been used for centuries to help manage pain and reduce has a potent antioxidant-gingerol – that inhibits the production of the specific free radicals that cause inflammation and pain.


From a nutritional stand point, travel is a fantastic way to introduce variation in your diet and even local trips could mean another way of looking at your boring old bhaji. But it sometimes also opens up access to a world that makes no nutritional sense. on any type of trip to anywhere,we can notice madness over the “K-P0P DIETS” – the diet followed by korean pop stars,madness being the operative word.