Do callphones cause cancer? Despite years of research, there is still no clear answer. But the recent studies has released, one on man and one on mice, suggest that if there is any risk, it is small.

Safety questions about cell phones have drawn intense interest and debate for years as the devises have become integral to most people’s lives. Even a minute risk could harm millions of people. These two studies on the effects of the type of radiation that phones emit     were conducted for over 10 years and cost 25 $ million. They are considered the most extensive to date.

In male rats, the studies linked tumours in the heart to high exposure to radiation from the phones. But that problem did not occur in female rats, or any mice. The rodents were exposed to radiation for nine hours a day for two years, much more than what people experience, even with excessive cell phone use. So, the results cannot be applied directly to humans.

So, according to this study, there is no exposure to high levels of radio-frequency radiation.


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