Keep walking

If walking has been a part of your daily regimen, so far, it is time you added that extract zest to your gait and turned it into a more wholesome workout. Make 2018, the year of fitness beyond lip-service. Walk that extra bit to get learner, smarter.

While regular walking, helps you lose weight and stimulates various body functions, how you walk and at what speed you walk could make all the difference. Here are four ways you could walk your way to health.

Power walk- an intensive and evolved form of walking, power walking is the upper end of the natural range for the walking gait, usually between 4.5-7 kmph. It has a unique technique where one foot must always be touching the ground during the entire walking duration. The added arm movement alone increases energy expenditure over traditional walking by as much as 55 %.

Aerobic walking- a high –intensity, low-impact workout, it means walking a mile in 13 min or less. It is a good way to increase your walking pace without dramatically increasing your physical excretion. The key to aerobic walking is not in your legs but in your arm swings. Your arms and legs act as natural pendulums while you walk, so it is possible to increase the frequency of your arm swings.


Interval  walking- walking is a great daily exercise but getting the most out of walking means raising   your heart rate, working more muscle groups, and avoiding the dreaded fitness plateau. Interval walking means using your regular walking routine as the baseline of your more intense workout. Alternating intense activity with slower activity is a great way to burn more calories and get a good cardio shorter period of time.

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