When Life Gives You Melons

What is summer without mangoes? This summer, while the king of the domain will continue to add zest to your salads, sorbets and kilties, chefs are ripe with new fruity experiments.

A fresh start-

Most of the housewives expect that their summer dishes must be fresh, flavorful and colorful. For them, there are no better ingredients than fruits to lift the flavor and color of a dish. “Chilled green gazpacho”, fresh fruits salads or nectarine in meat dishes- fruits have the best natural composition to add that much-needed freshness to your food. Fruits also balance stronger ingredients in a dish.

Fruit fix-

Fruits have a complex texture that everyone are willing to experiment with this summer season. Rather than merely throwing in fancy cuts of fruits in a salad bowl or serving them as fruits candies and slushes,they foresees more and more fruits being used in making chilled soups, starters or being served as granites, gelatos or sorbets. Textures of different melons in carpaccio, tartare, ceviche and gazpacho. Ripe mango served with salmon and raw mango with tuna is the main offerings for this season, along with nectarine and orange liquor – dressed salads.

Sweet signoff-

Be it your parfaits, reductions, short-cakes or tarts, there are fruits sitting pretty everywhere. And now your pizza is going tangy, too. Dessert pizza has been popular abroad but it is expected to be a part of menus here as more and more housewives look for options to serve fruits in new styles.

Go ahead and toss up fruity wonders! This summer will be a vibrant affair with peaches, apricots, leeches and melons gracing your main course.




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