Show Me the Money, the Economic powers of medicine.

You can now appreciate why more than half the people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. Why did it take 25 years after Dr. Mc cully presented his hypothesis on homocysteine for the medical community to pay attention? For years now, we’ve known about these large benefits of aspirin in treating (patients), who have


Suffered an acute heart attack and survivors of heart attacks, and yet we have underutilization of it.

Well, at least the pharmaceutical companies would take it more seriously and they would definitely share those health benefits with the doctors. Like aspirin, at a cost of pennies a day vitamin B supplements can effectively lower the majority of elevated homocysteine levels. It is inescapable that there’s just not the commercial interest for supporting research in homocysteine.

Take a look at the amount of money, the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry have made by lowering cholesterol with synthetic drugs. Billions and billions of dollars roll in each and every year. Have you ever considered who educated you about the risk of high cholesterol? Who is taking out that full-page ad in USA Today to tell you the importance of lowering your cholesterol? Why hasn’t someone taken out a TV or newspaper ad to inform you about the importance of lowering your homocysteine? There is not nearly as much money to be made in the sale of vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Sad to say, we are caught in the ripple effects of the economics of medicine. Could this possibly have been underlying reason for all the money lenders?










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