The Components of a Healthy Meal

You want, it will you may think it doesn’t matter what you eat? Well, it does. If you eat anything show on your body. If you eat the right foods, you will start losing weight until you fit into those jeans you’ve been hiding in your closet. Take the example of the Eskimos. They consume a lot of high-fat foods, including whale bladder, seal fat, cold water fish and organic meats. Yet, they don’t suffer from heat ailments or any other diseases, and are certainly not obese. Have you thought why? One of the reasons for this is because the foods they eat are natural and not processed. Also, consider the pacific islanders. They are known to consume coconut fat, which is 90% saturated fat. They do not have any diseases, simply because they don’t touch foods that are processed. People in different countries eat differently. Each country consumes a certain level of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

If you take closer look at the medical history of India, you will find that heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other diseases were not rampant until refined and processed foods began to be consumed in large quantities. In other words, when food manufacturers began to deliver refined flour, refined sugar and refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils, is when people started getting such diseases, or at least these diseases became more common than before.

Carbohydrates- if you are avoiding carbohydrates because you think doing so is an easy way to lose fat, you are wrong. By not having carbohydrates, you are depriving yourself of a key and vital element of nutrition.  Fat loss is never about extreme restriction. Sometimes, eating fewer carbs at night, especially if you cannot keep a long gap between dinner and bedtime, is a good idea as your body needs more protein and fats at night to carry on its bodily functions while you are asleep. Of course, there are good and bad carbs. Good carbs are required for your health and fat loss, and bad carbs can damage your health and immunity and make you put on weight.

The great Indian diet includes some of the most nutritious carbohydrates known to man. To maintain a fat metabolism, we need a balanced diet that compromises all the macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and good fats. The absence of good carbs can cause sleep disorders and behavioral changes, along with low energy and fatigue. These symptoms can be mistaken for low food intake, making people consume more calories.








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