Can Indian Diet Benefit Our Health?

We all are aware with the fact that the kitchen of every Indian family controls its health. Herbs and spices have a special place in the kitchen. Every Indian kitchen is equipped with a box with small compartments for spices that are used daily in cooking. These are mustard seeds, turmeric, red chilly powder, asafetida, fenugreek seeds, kokum, tamarind and homemade garam masala.

The cures of several illnesses are in the hands of every Indian. You just need to know your foods well. Kick out the bad fats and carbohydrates, limit the sugars, and have the rest in balanced  amounts- cereals,pulses,milk and milk products, nuts and oil seeds, fruits, vegetables, and non-vegetarian food too. For common health complaints like cold and cough, sore throat, bloating, acidity, menstrual cramps, and headaches, we actually don’t need to run to a doctor. Indian spices contain powerful antioxidants which can provide relief from such complaints. Apart from spices, fruits and vegetables like guava, apple, orange, tomato, capsicum, amla, pineapple, papaya, and so on are also excellent sources of antioxidants. If one decides to have proper portions of fruits and vegetables in one’s regular diet, then one can develop a strong immune system to fight range of illness.

As far as serious health issues are concerned, evidence shows that cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and high blood-pressure are the leading causes of death in India. Indian foods, especially spices, have medicinal properties that can help cure several of these diseases.



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