The Famous Five

When you start hitting the gym regularly and exercising like you have never exercised before, it marks a new phase in your weight loss efforts. And while a lean, toned, fit body is a sign that you are on the right parch, there is something that I like to call the famous five, i.e; five mistakes even seemingly fit people make without realizing.

  1. Indulgence-

Because of regular, high-energy exercise, even the fittest sometimes tend to indulge more in food and alcohol because they feel that the excess will be burned off in the gym. Unfortunately, both weight loss and weight maintenance are all about doing the math. And its math even nutritionists don’t always get right. It takes 3,500 unburden calories to gain a pound of weight. If your workout ends up burning only 500 calories or less, that daily sweet indulgence, for example, may not be compensated for. Over time, even 100 burned calories, a day could lead to an overall weight gain of almost a pound at the end of the month, and a kilo over two.

Second, even if regular exercisers do manage to get it right in the short term, indulgences show up on the scale in the long term because as they get older, their Basal Metabolic Rate- defined as the minimum calories the body needs to survive- slows down. In other words, the same eating habits over time may not show the same results.

  1. Sleep Deprivation-

Life being what it is, sometimes people cut on back sleep to spend more time in the gym. That’s the worst thing to do if trying to get healthy is the positive, because adequate sleep is one of the healthiest gifts one can give oneself. Sleep deprivation is linked to cardiovascular disease, aging and other conditions, along with weight gain.

  1. Imbalanced Diet-

While the intentions may be good, even the fittest among us have been guilty of skewing towards high protein, low – carp diets. Your body needs vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals and carobs. And diets that deprive you of any of these vital nutrients are usually unsustainable in the long run.

  1. Supplement Overdose-

Overdosing on supplements and vitamins via protein shakes or other health mixes could lead to skin, health and hair problems if not monitored carefully. Do check with a qualified nutritionist or your doctor before embarking on any new nutritional journey. Even taking too many vitamin supplements is not as innocuous as you think.

  1. Too Much Weight Loss-

Sometimes you can just lose too much weight. Quite simply, fixating on a number instead of seeing how you look and feel at your current weight could lead to place immense pressure, on yourself to attain an unrealistic ideal. And, instead of getting the anti-ageing and healing benefits of weight loss, too much could exacerbate the problem and lead to the development of new health problems.

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