Prevent Heart Failure before It’s Too Late

For a healthy life, a healthy heart is a must. But sometimes, the heart fails to supply sufficient blood to the body, which results into heart failure.

Here we are giving some symptoms of this condition and measures to prevent it-

WHAT IS A HEART FAILURE?-  Heart  failure refers to the inability of the heart to pump sufficient blood needed by the body tissues , due to a weakening or hardening of the heart muscles. Although heart failure may involve pumping chambers at left, right or both the sides of the heart, it often begins at the left side.


  • Left sided heart failure-causes difficulty in breathing.
  • Right sided heart failure-causes swelling in legs.
  • Systolic heart failure-causes blood pumping problems.
  • Diastolic heart failure-causes blood filling problems.


The symptoms of heart failure are difficulty in breathing , swollen legs and feet, abnormal heart beats, severe coughing with foamy or bloody mucous, frequent urge to urinate –especially during night –accumulation of fluid in abdomen, unexpected weight gain, nausea and altered concentration.

WHAT CAUSES HEART FAILURE?-The  reasons for heart failure may be narrowing of blood vessels in the heart, high BP, heart defects since birth, long-term use of specific medications, drug abuse, genetic heart disease, too fast or too slow heart beats, diabetes, thyroid diseases, AIDS, accumulation of iron or proteins in the body, alcohol, smoking and obesity.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HEART ATTACK AND HEART FAILURE? – A heart attack occurs when certain solid substances form plaque on their inner walls of blood vessels. This solid plaque may get ruptured, allowing the solid particles to flow into the blood stream, causing a blood clot. This clot may completely block the blood flow causing injury to the heart muscles. Heart failure is characterized by radiating chest pain, sweating, heartburn, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing.


Treatment of heart failure may include the following-

  • Medication- Medicines to reduce BP, correct heart rhythm, and treat obstructed breathing.
  • Coronary bypass surgery- It is procedure of bypassing the blocked blood vessel with the help of blood vessel from other parts of the body, mostly from the leg.
  • Surgery to correct structural heart defects- Minor defects often get resolved with surgery, but in case of severely altered structure , replacement of faulty valve with artificial valve may be needed.


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I am 58 years old, and was diagnosed with heart failure over a year ago. My main symptoms was fatigue, shortness of breath, and a general sense that these symptoms will keep me out of normal life activities, my symptom was not being able to breathe when lying down basically . I’ve kind of resigned to the fact that this is how life will be for me back until I found herbs that stop this CHF easily and relief all the airways. My wife and her caregiver assume I can’t be as active, and thus I was excused from normal life responsibilities… Read more »