Food Selection -A Big Challenge For Women

To keep the family supplied within the amount of money available for it, and to make sure that it not only meets the nutritional requirements of each member, but is also liked and enjoyed by them, requires an understanding of the nutritional needs of our family members and an appreciative awareness of their likes and dislikes; and it requires ingenuity not to sacrifice one for the other. It also requires knowledge and information about foods, the choices that are available to us and the ability to obtain the maximum value for the money we spend.

While money is a serious limiting factor for most of us, having lot of money is no guarantee that we shall be adequately fed. To know what foods are, what they contribute towards our health, and where and how to get them, is very essential. We may have plenty of money to buy what we want but if we do not know what we need and where best to get it from, we will not get the optimum value from the money we spend on our food.

There are different types of energy – rich food items that are available to meet our nutritional requirements. Our markets are full of a large variety of energy- rich foods items, within this category of food there are many different kinds that are available; similar or similar looking foods are available at different prices. So every woman must select the food items which could best meet her needs.

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