Taking a dip in the swimming pool in summer is both,a matter of enjoyment as well as a source of respite from the heat.swimming as a recreational activity can be fun but there are some dos and donts to keep it safe too. Swimming pools are usually treated with chlorine to reduce the chances of infection. This chlorine has a tendency to wash away the protective film of tears from our eyes,resulting in irritation,redness and watering of eyes. Additionally,chlorine by itself may be a source of irritation to the eyes.

25 fun and exciting ways to lose weight!

Many people who want to lose weight know that going to the gym and following a proper diet will help them reach their goals. Still, they do not do anything due to laziness, work pressure or lack of motivation. Even people who are determined and join a gym, often leave it after a few days citing tiredness, fatigue or distractions. In this mega guide, we give such people an overview of alternate methods they can use to shed those extra kilos. Fun ways to exercise          …