Recently in India, food outlet KFC allowed people to pay just smiling. In other countries, smiling schools have been training youngsters to smile more than they do these days. If you think all the above is laughable, first laugh a bit. Then take a stock of your surroundings. How many people around you are smiling right now? It doesn’t matter where you are,work,home or commuting…..or better still when were you last smiling?


Not all episodes of eating are driven by hunger. Sometimes it could be our emotions driving us towards food- which are seldom healthy. Hence knowing the difference between the two types of eating is necessary as it could be our answer to everything ranging from weight loss to gut health, immunity, moods, relationship with food, fear, anxiety and so much more.

Stress: Your brain and body

      What is stress and can it be good for you? Does it kill off your brain cells and can it cause depression? How does your brain perceive a terrifying situation and prepare your body for survival?   Your body’s stress response kicks in when you perceive you are under threat. Mammals have evolved this superb mechanism to ensure we have the best possible chance of survival when faced with a life-threatening situation.   Imagine you are in the jungle and you hear movement behind you. You stop…

Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health, How?

One might anticipate that smog or chemicals pose the biggest threat to our health on a daily basis. But would you believe the greatest cause of oxidative stress in our bodies is cigarette and cigar smoke? It’s true. Smoking has been associated with the increased risk of asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. We all are aware of the health consequences of smoking, but it is fascinating to realize that the underlying problem is the amount of oxidative stress smoking produces in our bodies. Cigarette smoke contains…

The Scent Of Sleep

Is bedtime a troubled time for you? You are sleepy, tired….but the moment you lie down, the ZZZss bid goodbye? Sleep is the first casualty of everyday stress, but help is only a sniff away. We are talking about essential oils. Once applied to the skin, essential oils are absorbed in the blood stream within 3 to 5 minutes. Use just a bit on your ear lobes, wrists and soles to let the aroma lull you to the quality slumber. Lavender oil for mild headache-  this pleasant smelling popular oil…