Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an ovenight fast- thats why the name- breaking fast. But what if you had your last meal in the middle of the night and it was loaded with calories? Would you still be up for a morning lunch? A lot has been said about breakfast being the king of meals and how it shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. But you cant look at health and nutrition with blinders on anymore.

The Truth About Milk

We all drank milk as babies and continue to do so in adulthood. We probably drank milk in school, in the morning with cereal, and in our favorite shake. You may do so even now. So what is wrong with drinking milk? Here is the scoop. On one hand, there are cows that are fed growth in order to increase their milk production. They are also fed antibiotics to decrease their risk of infections. These hormones and antibiotics end up in the milk they produce and which we eventually drink,…