Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an ovenight fast- thats why the name- breaking fast. But what if you had your last meal in the middle of the night and it was loaded with calories? Would you still be up for a morning lunch? A lot has been said about breakfast being the king of meals and how it shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. But you cant look at health and nutrition with blinders on anymore.

Can I Eat My Office Lunch At My Desk?

Everyday lunch hour at work is like an olfactory overload. From one side you are treated to a whiff of rajma-chawal, from another, Gobi masala with a bit of raw onion for extra zing. And this is not the office cafeteria. All this is served desk-side, thanks to a number of colleagues dining al-desk. The lunch offenders- Even though most companies have cafeterias and are now setting up rules that eating at the desks is not allowed, dining at the desk is increasing. With the race to complete more in…