Sleep, Breathing And Healthy living

What are some of the natural cycles that we follow in our lives? To start with,we have a regular pattern of breathing, another rhythm is that of our heartbeat, and then there is the daily cycle of activity,rest and sleep. Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind and vice verse, so it is important to understand these natural rhythms and be in sync with them.


Did you know being active is not all that difficult? It can easily be incorporated in one’s life. People,who spend their time in the office sitting the entire day,their body,as well as the mind,feels exhausted. So a set of simple daily workouts is needed to keep you active everyday. Proper diet,lots of water,regular exercise and avoidance of little things can give you huge advantages. Many people in the world are doing their job with the healthiest body as they leave no room for fat. Well,you do not have to spend 4-5 hours in a day to get the desired fitness,but only 30-40 minutes workout early in the morning can do wonders for you.


When too many obligations and plans with family and friends become a burden,its OK to take a pass. If indeed spending a night at home,or retreating to the comfort of your bed,can help keep unintended stress at bay. Everyone needs a break from their social life or daily ruts occasionally. Busy mornings might leave you feeling short on time,then lead you to skipping out on breakfast altogether. Though it might feel like e huge time saver,skipping breakfast is actually detrimental to your day.


Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an ovenight fast- thats why the name- breaking fast. But what if you had your last meal in the middle of the night and it was loaded with calories? Would you still be up for a morning lunch? A lot has been said about breakfast being the king of meals and how it shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. But you cant look at health and nutrition with blinders on anymore.