Recently in India, food outlet KFC allowed people to pay just smiling. In other countries, smiling schools have been training youngsters to smile more than they do these days. If you think all the above is laughable, first laugh a bit. Then take a stock of your surroundings. How many people around you are smiling right now? It doesn’t matter where you are,work,home or commuting…..or better still when were you last smiling?

How to Be a Happier Person

Happiness can be many things for many people: for some, happiness is riding roller coasters while for others, happiness is holding their newborn baby. While happiness varies from person to person, many factors can contribute to an overall happy life and feeling like a happy person. Both paying attention to your attitude and making changes in your day-to-day can help you experience a joyful, happy filled life. Part1 Adjusting Your Attitude 1 Think positively. It’s impossible to have a challenge-free life, but your attitude makes all the difference with how you…