The Craze For Gluten Free

Gluten is mostly found in grains such as barley,wheat and rye. It has also been found in “triticale”,which is a cross between rye and wheat. A diet which excludes the protein gluten is known as “gluten free diet”. However,it is most popular among people who do not have any medical condition related to gluten. It has been claimed that the benefits of following this diet are weight loss,energy boost,and health improvement.


Intermittent fasting needs no introduction. And if you are goggling this right now,then you,have been living under a rock. There has been constant chatter about fasting and its numerous health benefits,with its biggest side effect,weight loss,getting the maximum spotlight. The problem though sometimes,with so much information is that you don’t know where to begin.


Not all episodes of eating are driven by hunger. Sometimes it could be our emotions driving us towards food- which are seldom healthy. Hence knowing the difference between the two types of eating is necessary as it could be our answer to everything ranging from weight loss to gut health, immunity, moods, relationship with food, fear, anxiety and so much more.

Alkalize Your Body for Better Health

It is easy to get lost in the whole health-food terminology and discourse on clean living. One can’t really tell where healthy stops and unhealthy begins. One major factor in determining the healthfulness of a food can be by looking at it from an alkaline or acidic point of view. The more alkaline it is the better. Alkaline diets have gained more importance from the cancer world, as many research studies are now showing an obvious connection between acidic diets and rise in cancers. Alkaline balance- In order for your…

Childhood Obesity Doesn’t Look Good But Mom Recommends.

It cannot be denied that childhood obesity is on the rise. Chew on the following statistics – Somewhere between 5.74 % and 8.82 % of schoolchildren in Indian are obese. In urban south India, 21.4 % boys and 18.5 % girls aged 13-18 are either over-weight or obese. Worldwide , in the year 2000, the International obesity task force(IOTF) , declared about 10% of children aged 5-17 (about 155 million), were overweight , out of which 2 to 3% (30-45 million) , were obese.   Among the reasons for childhood…