A normal healthy heart is a strong,muscular pump, a little larger than a fist. With heart failure , the heart muscle becomes too weak or too stiff to work properly. The heart cannot pump efficiently enough to meet the body’s need for blood and oxygen.  HOW TO KEEP YOUR HEART HEALTHY?- SLEEP- The heart is a muscle that needs recovery. It heals and recovers when we sleep. Sleeping less creates unnecessary stress on our heart,increases inflammation,spikes up blood pressure and makes heart beat irregular. Additionally,lack of sleep can cause lack of motivation to work out,cravings for sugar,coffee and food. EMOTIONS- Negative emotions like anger,jealously,hatred,guilt your heart your heart,while positive emotions like happiness,gratitude,boost heart health.  PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Sitting is the new smoking. The more you sit the unhealthier your heart is going to be. It doesn’t matter if you work out one hour in the gym and you are going to be sitting for the next nine hours. This is called a sedentary active.  MAKE THESE CHANGES-  Swap refined oils with cold pressed,unrefined oils- refined vegetables oils are rich in omega 6^fatty acids. Omega 6 is harmful to health as it causes inflammation and oxidation stress in the body. It is also important to focus on the right quantity of refined oil as excess can be harmful.  Make pranayam a habit- one deep inhale and deeper exhale helps drop your blood pressure a notch. It is one of the most powerful ways to manage high BP, both systolic and diastolic values.  Introduce heart healthy fats- desi ghee, coconut oil,egg yolks,walnuts,flax seeds,chia seeds,sunflower seeds,almonds and other cold pressed oils are good for you in the right quality and quantity.  Pass the salt shaker- refined varieties of salt can lead to inflammation  in the body. Switch to pink or rock salt,but under complete medical supervision,especially if you are a kidney patient. Fix low vitamin D levels– the UV rays of the sun interact with cholesterol in our body to make vitamin D .so if you have low cholesterol levels, chances are you are also vitamin D deficient. At the same time,if you have low vitamin D levels, your liver gets a signal to produce more cholesterol because your body wants to naturally increase vitamin D levels.  So,boost vitamin D levels if they are below normal.


SELF-CARE ISN’T SELFISH- When too many obligations and plans with family and friends become a burden,its OK to take a pass. If indeed spending a night at home,or retreating to the comfort of your bed,can help keep unintended stress at bay. Everyone needs a break from their social life or daily ruts occasionally. BRING ON THE BREAKFAST- Busy mornings might leave you feeling short on time,then lead you to skipping out on breakfast altogether. Though it might feel like e huge time saver,skipping breakfast is actually detrimental to your day. Quick breakfast options that you can prepare ahead of time,like veggie egg muffins or overnight oats,provide energy and nutrients,like fiber,that you need,to keep your body moving all day long. TREAT THE SMALL STUFF- If you feel that something is off with your body,no matter how small it may seem,taking action right away can go a long way in preventing bigger issues. Treating minor health conditions can be just as important,for overall health,as visiting the doctor for more serious concerns,like the flue or chronic pains. WORK,WALK,WORK.REPEAT! Remaining sedentary all day can result in a number of physical ailments. To help steer clear of these,set a timer and get up for a five-minute lap around the office or house every hour or so. Not only will you minimise potential aches,but getting up and moving throughout the day can also make you more productive.  With these tips in mind,you can be more on top of your health throughout the year,and all this can be achieved without making any drastic changes.

Lifestyle Changes Spelled Out

What many people don’t realize is how simple the lifestyle changes are for treating the primary underlying problem in both diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. We are talking about modest exercise , eating in such a manner are not to spike the blood sugar, and taking some basic nutritional supplements to improve the patients sensitivity to his or her own insulin. DIET- As we all know that too many doctors make major mistakes in the diet, they recommended to their diabetic patients. Since the greatest risk for these patients is…

How to Be a Happier Person

Happiness can be many things for many people: for some, happiness is riding roller coasters while for others, happiness is holding their newborn baby. While happiness varies from person to person, many factors can contribute to an overall happy life and feeling like a happy person. Both paying attention to your attitude and making changes in your day-to-day can help you experience a joyful, happy filled life. Part1 Adjusting Your Attitude 1 Think positively. It’s impossible to have a challenge-free life, but your attitude makes all the difference with how you…

Comprehensive baby care for Winters

While the baby is in the mother’s womb, she is protected and remains unaffected by changes in the environment. Once the baby is born, she gradually starts adapting to the outside world. Her body temperature and functioning of various organs get equipped to the surroundings. Hygiene demands vary with seasons: Seasonal changes like variations in temperature, humidity and airflow are reflected in the external environment. These changes bring about behavioral/reproductive changes in various organisms and microorganisms. Climate also affects the transmission of several virus/bacteria. Mosquitoes and various other bugs are more…