Right Diet For Your Kid

Child not eating enough is perhaps the most common complaints of the parents seeking medical advice. After a year of rapid growth,toddlers gain weight slowly and so,of course, they need less food. Children between one to five years of age undergo the phases of poor appetite. Poor appetite at times , may be a symptom of certain underlying disease in a child. Regular health check ups and a growth chart go a long way to decide, if the poor appetite is actually a symptom of an underlying disease or just a normal phenomenon…


From a nutritional stand point, travel is a fantastic way to introduce variation in your diet and even local trips could mean another way of looking at your boring old bhaji. But it sometimes also opens up access to a world that makes no nutritional sense. on any type of trip to anywhere,we can notice madness over the “K-P0P DIETS” – the diet followed by korean pop stars,madness being the operative word.


Not all episodes of eating are driven by hunger. Sometimes it could be our emotions driving us towards food- which are seldom healthy. Hence knowing the difference between the two types of eating is necessary as it could be our answer to everything ranging from weight loss to gut health, immunity, moods, relationship with food, fear, anxiety and so much more.


Everyone reaches a point where their diet stops working towards their desired goals..its called a plateau and that’s how the body functions. The initial results are quick because its more like a shock for the body, but after a while the body tends to establish a comfort level and hits stagnancy. Now,there are multiple reasons on why our body stops responding to the things we do, it could be nutrition,workout,hormones or even our mindset.