Is Your Office AC Unhealthy?


There is considerable proof mounting that your workplace AC is one of the big reasons your office is making you sick. …….so stops blaming your work. AC is a big contributing factor to the sick-building syndrome (SBS). According to the study, people working in office buildings with central air conditioning had more symptoms of illness than others.

Cold discomfort-

Long-term exposure to a low temperature environment affects the joints and muscles, often leading to neck and back stiffness, pain in the waist and limbs, hands and feet, etc.

It turns out that women may be more susceptible to SBS, and they are used to the cooling systems, that are based on the metabolic activity of a 40 year old, 70 kilo male.


Many doctors and consultants suggest that, respiratory systems conceal, “the chances of the spreading of an infection in an AC environment are considerably high. Its an ideal place for indoor pollutants such as bacteria, mould, mildew, viruses, pollen and animal dander to spread. People exposed to such environment show symptoms of headache, fatigue, breathing difficulties and skin irritations.

Dry days ahead-

Cool air can also lead to dryness in the skin and eyes. Those who wear contact lens are more affected. To counter AC ill-effects, many advises can be recommended on frequent outdoor breaks and setting the temperature above 22 degree.


Some of the important points to be kept in mind are-

The good-

  • Leads to increased physical and intellectual activity.
  • Improves comfort.
  • Excludes external allergens.
  • Improves air quality, if installation is good.

The bad-

Dry eyes- how to beat it up; your omega-3 fatty acids intake.

Use a humidifier or artificial teasers.


The ugly-

  • Joint pains-layer up. Make sure the vents are not blowing directly at you. Don’t sit in one position for too long.
  • Respiratory problems- clean up air filters regularly.





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