Alternative Health Care

Your journey continues as you turn from the medical community in search of a solution. You decide to seek out a more natural route, alternative health care, because traditional medicine has been no help (to the contrary, it probably made you feel worse). To your surprise, the alternative health-care provider identifies a problem right away. He may claim that you have “systemic yeast, leaky gut syndrome,” or “subclinical hypothyroidism” as the cause of your symptoms.

Alternative practitioners typically do a hair or eye analysis, blood work, urine test, or muscle exam to determine exactly what you need. Then they usually recommend certain herbs, bowel cleanses, diet changes, and nutritional supplementation to correct the diagnosed problems.

Relief and hope mounts because someone is finally listening and can actually provide an explanation for the exhaustion, even if the diagnosis is not entirely correct. Even though your health and your sense of well-being may improve because of lifestyle changes, you may begin to realize you should be feeling better and are still “not yourself”. Here’s why. Alternative care practitioners focus on trying to find out exactly which nutritional deficiencies you may have and then try to correct them. But they are not correcting the underlying problem, which is oxidative stress. Most likely, you will remain frustrated, having to continue reading and doing anything you can to find help.






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