Talking About the Fresh Meals

You might have to twist your tongue to pronounce the names of the dishes from this region right but they are destined to have you cooked. From succulent hangikot 9(smoked lamb), piping out soup, crispy saltfiskar or flavored soft cheese, or organic food lovers looking for fresh and unadulterated ingredients have a new haven now. Iceland is the latest organic food destination. And yes, it goes away beyond reindeer.

ON FISH- Iceland lamb and fish preparations are catching up as the latest food trend. What makes Iceland lamb and fish different from the rest of the world is that almost none of the production is commercial. The food quality is superior as animals are free range, that is, they roam in open grasslands rather than closed enclosures and fest on natural vegetation. Fish too are fresh from the sea or inland lakes.

MORE THAN MEAT- while semi-cooked food or rare done steaks might put off a lot of vegetarians, prasoon dewan, a regular visitor top Iceland says one has to try the food to know what it is all about? People think the region only serves reindeer. Locally grown root veggies and fresh fruits are an integral part of Iceland’s meals, all reveals. Fredrik also elaborates that a lot of modern European and Asian cooking has started using ingredients from Iceland and one may not realize it, but the superior taste of dishes could be a result of meat or veggies sourced from the region.




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