Cellular Nutrition; Putting It All Together

We all must have spoken of the most frustrating or painful diseases doctors encounter in their patients, but now, they testify to the deepest fulfillment of a physician, watching me, women, and children of all ages living life at its fullest again after a debilitating disease. These people are back in control of their health, instead of their illness controlling them.

But here is the honest truth; that have never seen in patients achieve this kind of response with traditional medicine alone. The results of this were a “supernatural” miracle of god. But this natural healing ability has been there all along. We have been marvelously and wonderfully made. Medical science is now just showing us that we have to optimize these natural healing systems that are already present. We must take advantage of humanity’s most tremendous asset in healing, “the host”, which is our own body.

Sometimes the physician has a tough time getting any healing to occur. Nothing frustrates a physician more than dealing with a compromised immune system. This happens frequently with people suffering from full-blown AIDS or those who have been taking chemotherapeutic drugs. The infections these patients get are severe and sometimes remarkably unusual. Because the patient’s own immune system is barely functioning, physicians are left with few options that are to pull out their most potent antibiotics on a wish and a prayer that the patient will respond. In this setting the physician realizes the importance of having an immune system that is working at an optimal level. Our drugs may be great’ however; without the help of the body’s own healing power, they are really not that effective.

Doctors need both drugs and a healthy immune system. Again, this is why, we can call the use of high quality, nutritional supplements as a complementary medicine.




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