Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes

Diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes do, coupled with smart exercising that you enjoy, restful sleep, effective management of stress, good, enjoyable and wholesome food, and belief in the power of your mind.

Stress, good, enjoyable and wholesome food, and belief in the power of your mind. That’s our concept. We believe that incorporating meditation into our lives completes the whole equation of meaningful living.

People should not use exercise as a punishment for over-eating. We need to find a balance between all the aspects that contribute to a happy and healthy life. Over the years, our work has led us to believe that we need a fundamentally different way of looking at healthcare. We need a system that works beyond simply just looking at the symptoms that bring people into clinics, and instead be able to look at where health begins-not within the four walls of a doctor’s clinic or a hospital, but where we live, work, eat,sleep,learn and play.

We may be living in a polluted world with pesticide –laden food, water that we think is clean and pure but may not be, air that consists of several deadly carcinogens, cosmetics an hair colors laden with chemicals, toxic junk food,etc. the list is endless. How do we react to this? We keep running around, like headless chickens, searching for the next best healthy option and getting sucked into fads, diet programmes and dangerous exercise regimes.

Stop, step back and slow down. The answer to disease perception and cure is immunity. It is your body’s first and last line of defecne against all health issues. The foundation of what we do is absolute reverence, respect, and aware of nature. We get everything that is good for our body, mind and health from nature, and we were not designed to fall apart and fall sick as often as we do today.

Our practice now focuses on prevention, cure, healing and enhancing health. We look at disease or illness as a divine touch on the shoulder.




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